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Catfish Filet 3 - 5 Oz

Catfish Filet 3 - 5 Oz

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Catfish is a popular choice for both home chefs and restaurants. It's great for deep-fried dishes, fish and chips, and fish fry. Catfish is light and flaky, making it perfect for bold spice blends like Miss’c All-purpose seasoning or Miss C's Fish Breader. It’s also a match made in heaven for them bold Cajun spice blends! Picture this: blackened catfish, seasoned up real nice with them Cajun spices, smothered in a buttery sauce and finished off with a squeeze of lemon. And don't forget to serve it up over some rice! It's a quick dish that'll have ya tastin' all them unique flavors of the catfish!

15lb Case 

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