About Our Brand


  • Unwavering Dedication to Customer Satisfaction
  • High-quality, Fresh, and Easily Accessible Products
  • Getting Involved and Staying Connected with the Community
  • Versatility in Embracing Evolving Industry Trends
  • Fostering a workplace culture that prioritizes an employee's well-being

These principles, coupled with process repetition and efficiency, established the basis for a proven successful business model for the Crumpy's brand and has kept us in the top tier of the hotwing industry. In our 30-plus years in the food and beverage industry, we've served as a restaurant, caterer, commissary, food product distributor, and food truck owner.

From the first day of opening our doors, we based our business principles on one belief, "treat everyone with the respect we desire".

These key ingredients combined have created our winning recipe for sustainability. The results show that consumers are loyal to our brand and business model.

We are focused on continuing the positive experience and culture of trust, both in the warehouse and in our restaurants