Our Team

Freda Crump - CEO

Freda Crump

At the helm of Miss Crumpy's Restaurant Warehouse and Distribution, is founder and CEO Freda Crump, a visionary leader driven by the goal of extending the family legacy established by "Crumpy's Hotwings." With over 25 years of experience in the food service industry and professional HR, Freda brings a wealth of expertise. As a proud owner of a Minority female-led business for 12 years, she champions diversity and excellence. Freda’s journey is rooted in her early experiences working in her father's restaurant, and today, she seamlessly integrates those invaluable lessons into Miss Crumpy 's brand. A graduate of LeMoyne - Owen College with a degree in Political Science, Freda combines her academic background with real - world insights, ensuring Miss Crumpy's is not just a business but a beacon of crossover appeal, blending tradition with innovation.

Ronald Jones - COO

Ronald Jones

Ronald Jones, Jr., the steadfast COO of Miss Crumpy's Warehouse and Distribution has been an integral part of the organization since its inception. His journey is marked by a dedication to service, having spent 3 years as the Director of Homeless Outreach at HOPE Atlanta. Before his impactful role in the nonprofit sector, Ronald forged a dynamic career in property management, showcasing his versatility as a Property Manager, Project Manager, and Marketing Director for over 15 years. A proud graduate of LeMoyne - Owen College with a BA in 1997, Ronald seamlessly blends his academic foundation with a wealth of hands - on experience. With a career spanning diverse sectors, he embodies the spirit of crossover appeal, contributing to the success and holistic vision of Miss Crumpy's Warehouse and Distribution.

Donald Crump 

Mr. Crump

Donald Crump, the visionary behind Crumpy's Homecooking and Hotwings, The Chicken Coop, and Don Don's Hotwings, is a trailblazing entrepreneur and philanthropist. Donald holds the title of Director of Client Relations. In this position, he provides expert guidance for sales and business growth, and customer acquisition that leads to warehouse success.

In 1991, he established the inaugural hot wing haven in Memphis, setting the stage for thriving franchises. With a deep commitment to community, Mr. Crump embodies a true humanitarian spirit, leaving an indelible mark as a pioneer in the culinary landscape.

Beyond his culinary achievements, Donald Crump boasts a diverse career. He served as an educator in the Memphis City Schools where he contributed to the growth of countless students. Additionally, his dedication extended to public service as a retired police officer from the Memphis Police Department. Mr. Crump's multifaceted journey reflects not only his success in the restaurant industry, but also his profound impact on education and law enforcement.